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How do thoughts and knowledge spread through a network? At which speed do ideas flourish at their best? And which routes will they take to reach individuals and groups of a distributed and undefined community of intents?

A Nourishing Network is an online-offline publication project that aims at documenting and distributing current research done by the network of artists, activists and programmers that collaborate with the Austrian net culture initiative servus.at.

forschen & experimentieren

Dasha Ilina Center for Networked Intimacy

In july and August the Russian digital artist Dasha Ilina will be in a residency in the Stadtwerkstatt, during which she will work on her new project "Center for Networked Intimacy". In her stay Dasha will develop and offer a Workshop and make a final presentation in the servus clubraum.

Workshop "Center for Networked Intimacy"

Tuesday 3rd August from 17:00 to 20:00

Final presentation

Saturday 7th August from 15:00 to 18:00

forschen & experimentieren

servus.at and its community are part of the organization and curatorial board of FMR 21, second edition of the festival for art in digital contexts and public spaces.

FMR 21 will take place in the surroundings of the Mühlkreisbahnhof railway station in Linz Urfahr between 1st-6th June 2021.

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book of servus booklet mockup

In order to make it even easier for our current and future association members to switch to alternative information technologies, we are putting together the digital independence package for arts & culture workers.
Thereby we want to simplify the access to our digital offers, to communicate the advantages of open source software even better and to give the Upper Austrian art & cultural workers the possibility to improve their workflows by means of digital tools and at the same time to protect their data, and those of their members, from unwanted access by third parties.


forschen & experimentieren

For Research Labor 2021, servus.at is working with artist Matthias Pitscher on collaborative projects about voice computers, their technologies and social impacts. Within a work session, critical devices and artworks are created that openly address contemporary 'smart' assistants.

forschen & experimentieren

The Next Cloud Residency is a monthly online folder residency curated by Yang Mu & Sai Bao and hosted by the network culture initiative servus.at in Linz.
Each month a selected artist or collective is invited to fill a folder with material they want to share with the world. It can range from conceptual .txt files to a collection of deep fried .jpegs, or unplayable .exe files.