SERVUS TOOLBOX provides its members with the TOOLBOX. It is a set of trusted communication tools and tools for collaborative work based on free open source software. With this, we give our members only technical tools that respect and support their privacy, data sovereignty and security.

It includes tools such as:

  •     Email
  •     Mailing lists
  •     Newsletter infrastructure
  •     Cloud
  •     Access to web servers
  •     Social media alternatives
  •     and more


  •     for collaborative content editing
  •     for artistic production
  •     for secure data exchange (cloud computing)
  •     for the creation of surveys

Documentation of this toolbox, instructions and explanations are included in the Book Of Servus .

By becoming a member of the association, these tools can be used. To become a member, you must fill out our membership form. Our members include art and culture professionals, alternative educational institutions, free radios, free media projects, university institutions, NGOs and others.