Toxic Stories

Toxic Stories Header Glass Factory in Graz, Foto by Andreas Zingerle

Hyperaccumulators are plants that grow on soils with a high heavy metal content and are able to store minerals such as copper, nickel, zinc or cadmium in their biomass. They have found an evolutionary niche in volcanic soil, industrial heaps or former mining and open-cast mining areas, in which they do not simply ignore or bypass the problematic substances, but instead absorb a large proportion of them. The stored heavy metals can be extracted and reused, which turns the plants into biological ore mines and soils can be rehabilitated over the years.

So you think you have nothing to hide?

so you think you have nothing to hide

The right to preserve our private domains have been under heavy attack for many years, lately with an ever-increasing exposure to ubiquitous interconnected consumer products, devices, services and their data collection. Through our obsession with online presences we are feeding the data ourselves, trusting profit-seeking companies with our most valuable asset: our private lives.

Awareness of what is technologically possible to avoid this intrusion is the essential aim of the talk. Through introduction to various tools and discussions on products and services we are using everyday, the talk offers insight into the world of online activism, fight for digital rights and digital privacy movements.

Next Cloud Residency: August - Francoise Gamma

Francoise Gamma Next Cloud Residency - August
Francoise Gamma is a digitally embodied entity using the internet to draw animated GIFS (for Netscape 3.04). His work has appeared on Kanye West's blog, in solo exhibitions & around all WWW. Francoise is member of the on-line art collective Computers Club, and his work is feautered in Foundation.app, a platform for live auctions of digital art and NFTs.