Join the team! open position is currently looking for employees in the area of infrastructure & technology. We have two one open positions: 1) System and Network Administrator (20 hrs/wk) and 2) Inhouse Tech & User Support (10-15 hrs/wk).

Send applications digitally (as: .pdf, .odt or web link) to: / in the subject of the email, please indicate the position for which you are applying.

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Increase in membership fees for associations

In the course of the annual general meeting of, which took place on 29.05.2023, the assembly decided to increase the membership fee for associations.
The reason for this is the high energy costs predicted for 2023. After the financial reports, the general assembly decided to increase the monthly membership fee from 23 to 30 Euro per month. The other types of membership, mini and individual member (Einzelmitglied), will not be increased.