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 Many slogans, gif animations etc. https://pad.constantvzw.org/p/titipi.stickers      Slogans gleaned, borrowed and iterated from various sources and situations: Lumbung Glossary, Batool Desouky, TITiPI, Other Weapons, Cristina Cochior, Varia, Miranda Mos

servus.at is part of the network of initiatives that call for the International Trans ★ Feminist Digital Depletion Strike. The initiatives is launched by The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI) https://titipi.org/8m/ and supported by many who call for attentions on the dynamics of dependency and exploitation in the cloud. The network takes a position to support the Trans ★ Feminist struggles and contextualises in it the need to change the current commercial cloud, into a feminist, anti-racist and anti capitalist shape.

International Trans★Feminist Digital Depletion Strike: https://core.servus.at/8m/

vernetzen & unterstützen

The servus community consists of a number of art and culture producers, alternative educational institutions, free media, university institutions and NGOs. Many of them are based in Linz & in Upper Austria, where servus operates as a proper cultural backbone for the regional art and culture scene.

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You’re all caught up: camouflage and exposure in the age of platform capitalism

Transmedia artist S()fia Braga takes part in the AMRO Research Lab 2023 organised by the net culture association servus.at. Within this context, her research explores the intricate control dynamics facilitated by the operational structures of centralised social media platforms, as well as their sociological implications. Specifically, she focuses on topics such as participatory control –exploring the concept of Interveillance,– emerging forms of free labor, and strategies to carefully balance oneself into visibility and deception while traversing the "Dark Forest of the Internet."

forschen & experimentieren

As part of the AMRO Art Meets Radical Openness Research Lab 2023, servus hosts the NL based artist vo ezn in virtual residency.
The AMRO Research Lab consists of a series of activities of artistic research happening between the various edition of the AMRO Festival.

We re-activate the format of the artist run data center (ardc), in which projects were developed in a series of virtual machines hosted in the servus.at datacenter.

vo ezn just started their residency, further info will be made public on this page and in the various AMRO pages.

FMR23 -Festival for art in digital contexts and public spaces
June 6th-11th 2023, Southern Harbour Area, Linz, Austria