Research Lab 2023 // ARDC residency with vo ezn

screenshot from /when  -- burnout -- - what art

As part of the AMRO Art Meets Radical Openness Research Lab 2023, servus hosts the NL based artist vo ezn in virtual residency.
The AMRO Research Lab consists of a series of activities of artistic research happening between the various edition of the AMRO Festival.

We re-activate the format of the artist run data center (ardc), in which projects were developed in a series of virtual machines hosted in the datacenter.

vo ezn just started their residency, further info will be made public on this page and in the various AMRO pages.

------------------- bio

vo ezn /vɔ ɪzn/ -- sound && infrastructure artist, working on server-side tensions and introverted interfaces ][ figuring out tools for-to knowledge-sharing / opting-out / autonomy ][ --to-for-by-with on my own terms

brewing a monthly radio transmission -- non-zero exit at radio worm

part of feminist server collectives/networks systerserver / anarchaserver / minadoraserver ///// an infrastructure caretaker at hackers & designers

------------------- project /draft/


this is a query into web server /> interface connect-motion that foregrounds the personal and undercurrent processes and prompts a dislocation of default web browsing modes

outwardly, it would end up in a shifting web interface that lives by particular protocols

these conditions for interpolation are set through splicing server room `moods` < > of web interface travelers' embededdness < > server caretaker's vi