Research Lab 2023 // S()fia Braga

Image Platform Workshippers Research Lab with S()fia Braga

You’re all caught up: camouflage and exposure in the age of platform capitalism

S()fia's research within the AMRO Research Lab 2023 was presented through multiple output formats. With Radio FRO we produced a radio podcast about on labor dynamics on social media with focus on Tiktok published on 1st May. S()fia analized the connection between dynamics of Surveillance Capitalism, Interveillance and the Dark Forest Theory of the Internet* in an article published at Die Versorgerin. In the workhop "A guide to disruptive UGC (User-Generated Content)" the participants explored how to subvert the practices of UGC and infiltrate digital production with subversive content. The diagram poster Platform Workshippers and the related glossary of archetypes visualizes and describes the current landscape of online influencer practices.

Artist's Bio:
S()fia Braga is a transmedia artist who develops her artistic research on the social impact and subversion of centralised social media platforms, experimenting with new technologies to conceive speculative fabulations that deal with topics such as Interveillance, transhumanism and non-human agency. Her identity constantly changes and goes hand in hand with the narratives she creates: over the last few years she has been an artist, a cyberstalker, a transhumanist entrepreneur, an AI Auteur, a TikToker and has mutated several times into a monstrous creature. In 2022 she won the Bank Austria Studios Award and the Kunstförderpreise der Stadt Linz for the New Media Art category. Her works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival (AT), Xie Zilong Photography Museum (CN), XII Video Vortex Conference (MT), WRO Media Art Biennale (PL), Deutsche Bank (IT), Schlossmuseum Linz (AT), Pinacoteca Albertina di Torino (IT) and more. You can visit S()fia Braga's website here


*Note: This refers to "The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet" by Bogna Konior, that observes the toxic visibility dynamics of the internet (and particularly social media) as populated by predator and pray dynamics.