"Eclectic Tech Carnival" /A/ Linz

11-15 July 2007


The "Eclectic Tech Carnival" is calling all women to participate in the 6th annual /Eclectic Tech Carnival in Linz. A unique computer skill-share. A several day-night carnival of exchanging computer related skills for women by women. For the first time, we will hold 2 /etcs in the same year, one in Linz and one in Brasil. This is the first information on Linz, Brasil will follow soon. In Linz, the "Eclectic Tech Carnival" will be focusing on themes of gender, technology and art. Along with workshops on critical ways of dealing with everyday technologies, there will also be space for women to be politically, creatively, performatively, artistically active. With this Open Call we look for workshops, worklabs, lectures, public interventions and performances.


# Press: Anschlaege (http://www.anschlaege.at)
tech.carnival -Do it together
Dieser Carnival ist Tech, ist Feminismus, ist Kunst, ist Sport.
Von Reni Hofmüller

# Bauch, Bein, Po - Die Sendung für die ganze Frau
Thu, 2007-07-26 14:52 — mata hari

"Bauch, Bein, Po - die Sendung für die ganze Frau" on Radio Orange is a music programm with mostly queer and female artists. This edition "The sound of etc" brings together most of the musicians that performed at /etc07 at Cafe Strom. All in english made with love by Marty and Belinda.

Stream or download here:

# Bewegungsmelder Kultur
Thu, 2007-07-26 14:47 — mata hari

The "Bewegungsmelder Kultur" is a radio magazin on cultural initiatives and policies by the IG Kultur Österreich. In this issue you can listen to an introduction of /etc07 with excerpts of Donnas opening speech (partly english) and an interview with Reni Hofmüller.

Stream or download here:

# Press: Matrix Ö1, Vienna
Thu, 2007-07-26 14:31 — ushi

Anna Masoner, (Stadtwerkstatt) created a report for the Austrian Broadcast Station
The report was in german and was broadcasted once. The report is not available online.

# Press: /etc 07 - Radio Fro, Linz
Thu, 2007-07-26 14:17 — ushi

/etc 07
Interview by Daniela Fürst (Radio Fro-http://www.fro.at).
Language: german
Guests: Aileen, Reni, Ushi


# Press: Interview for the radio program "Women on Air"
Thu, 2007-07-05 14:32 — Aileen

Podcast of an interview with Cristiane and Aileen for "Women on Air" by Barbara Karahan with Andrea Ben Lassoued for Radio Orange about background and preparations for /etc07 in Linz: http://andreabenlassoued.at/?p=14

# Press: Malmoe
Tue, 2007-07-03 08:29 — ushi

/etc 2007 Eclectic Tech Carnival (Uschi Reiter, servus.at)