Join the team! open position is currently looking for employees in the area of infrastructure & technology. We have two one open positions: 1) System and Network Administrator (20 hrs/wk) and 2) Inhouse Tech & User Support (10-15 hrs/wk).

Send applications digitally (as: .pdf, .odt or web link) to: / in the subject of the email, please indicate the position for which you are applying.

*** is a non-profit net culture initiative based in Linz. The association is internationally recognized for its know-how in the use of open source solutions and the extraordinary realization of art and cultural projects that deal with the mediation of complex contexts of an increasingly networked information society.

As a non-profit organization, deals with the demystification of technology and organizes, among other things, the biennial festival "Art Meets Radical Openness" in cooperation with the Art University Linz.

The association also operates an independent computing center with open source basic services for its members, consisting of art and culture creators, alternative educational institutions, free media, university institutions and NGOs. &


The areas of responsibility of the two positions are partly shared and tasks/projects are usually to be solved/realized in cooperation with the team. Nevertheless, we are looking for two staff:members to work together. The Sys Admin position deals with operation and maintenance of server systems (Debian, CentOS);while the Tech Support will primarily deal with maintenance of in-house networks and workstations client systems (Linux).


*** a cool, but not representative/inclusive photo ! Do you know that women were the first contributors to computer science and in general in technology, although never given the right credits? check out "Broad Band - The untold story of the women who made the internet! by Claire L. Evans