NCA review: Things, Time and Money in Contemporary Society

eeefff Infrastructural Time

TTM (Things, Time and Money) in Contemporary Society. An ethical turn in technological lush.

This text by Vincenzo Estremo was written after the studio visit at the Next Cloud Atelierhaus, a one-month online residencies program hosted by the net-initiative servus.at in its cloud instance in 2022. A reflection on machine time, automation, labour, and how interfaces segment human time. Cover image by eeefff, Infrastructural Time.



a.space was a distributed sound installation presented at Art Meets Radical Openness 2022, which interconnected three spaces through a directional loop affected by space, feedback and acoustic events. Individual sets were activated by Polina Khatsenka in Ústí nad Labem and Luka Prinčič and ala pecula in Ljubljana. Through a virtual platform, they enabled listening, choosing a point of perspective and interaction with others. The web interface developed by Michael Aschauer is shared as an open source tool for further use.