entwickeln & umsetzen

2020, 2021

book of servus booklet mockup

In order to make it even easier for our current and future association members to switch to alternative information technologies, we are putting together the digital independence package for arts & culture workers.
Thereby we want to simplify the access to our digital offers, to communicate the advantages of open source software even better and to give the Upper Austrian art & cultural workers the possibility to improve their workflows by means of digital tools and at the same time to protect their data, and those of their members, from unwanted access by third parties.



GAP Glurns Art Point is an art association based in Glorenza/Glurns, the smallest city in South Tyrol. This year the association, usually hosting artists in an Atelier House, is producing an exhibition project entitled 1+1=3 in Museion, the art museum of Bolzano/Bozen.

GAP involved servus.at in the realization of a series of displays that would enrich the exhibition of the artworks by conveying information about the artists' practices and working spaces.

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