The Magdalena Project - A new Community Project using Drupal @

The Magdalena Project, founded in Wales in 1986, is a dynamic cross-cultural network, providing a platform for women’s performance work, a forum for critical discussion, and a source of support, inspiration and performance training.

It functions as a central nexus for diverse companies, individual artists and scholars whose common interest lies in a commitment to ensuring the visibility of women’s endeavour in the field of performance. Through this network, isolated practitioners across the globe have found an appropriate critical recognition of their work.

Festivals, meetings, lectures, workshops, productions, documentation, books, films, the edition of newsletters and a yearly theatre journal – The Open Page, and this website, are the means through which the cross cultural connections have been achieved. More than 100 documented gatherings, initially in Wales but now spanning Europe, the Americas and Australasia, demonstrate the global presence of this Project. Publication and academic attention worldwide also evidence the regard with which this work is held within its field internationally.

This web site functions as our virtual office, and here you can find information about the project and our current activities. Registered members can access further information and interactive features - click here to register. In the UK, the Magdalena Project is a registered charity, and other Magdalenas around the world have their own autonomous administration structures - please see the network page for more information.

The Magdalena Project in the UK is administered by a board; current board members are Frances Medley (Chair), Sian Thomas, Jill Greenhalgh, Vanya Constant, Jill Piercy, Stevie Robins.