Cryptography for Postcards goes Helsinki

Cryptography for Postcards
A workshop by Markus Decker and Peter Wagenhuber
Date: Thursday 5th of December 11-17h
Place: Made In Kallio, Vasankatu 14 Helsinki,

For registration send an email to
No prior knowledge is necessary.
Participation contribution 10.- EURO.

The workshop Cryptography for Postcards introduces the basic principles
of cryptography and cryptoanalysis with collaboratively created handmade
ciphers and postcards.

Cryptography as a means of secure transmission of information is a
technology applied since the earliest days of human information
exchange and did not loose significance. On the contrary, the current
revelations concerning comprehensive surveillance and the resulting
discussions about privacy are increasing. Cryptography is one aspect of
digital self-defence. Cryptography is a means of how one can protect 
oneself and counteract.

The workshop begins with an introduction of the terminology: text and
code, key and encryption, language as an interpretation of signs and
strings. It continues with basic cryptographic techniques finally explaining
more sophisticated approaches like asymmetric encryption and quantum

The accompanying practical part will explore simple cryptographic
mechanisms that the participants use to "encrypt" and "break" postcard

Bring your own postcards!

Markus Decker
Is an artist who investigates natural random phenomena like radioactivity or 
electromagnetic noise as a means for cryptography in his recent Ars Bioarctica residency.

Peter Wagenhuber
Is a computer scientist with special interest in technologies and their
impact on society

The workshop is a coproduction of the Finnish Society of Bioart and

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