Next Cloud Residency: November - Nahee Kim + Dirk Paesmans and Stephan Drescher

Monday, 1 November, 2021 - 00:00 to Wednesday, 1 December, 2021 - 00:00
Nahee Kim / Next Cloud Residency - October

The month of November is going to be very cloudy at the Next Cloud Residency!
You will find Artist Nahee Kim uploading some "messy" codes and the project "Dog Bites Cloud" by Dirk Paesmans (JODI) and Stephan Drescher (Emolition research).

Nahee Kim

Nahee Kim (she/they) is an artist, teacher, and web programmer who is performing “” on social media. is a speculative program that writes itself by interpreting Nahee’s sexual identity, preference, and experiences as computational objects. creates sex code and documentation and partner matching algorithms by converting mechanisms of existing programming languages and network protocols into provocative interactions. It expands its code about sexual behavior to human reproduction by programming its own experimental family through the project <Daddy Residency> with new forms of intimacy. Nahee is based in New York and Seoul.

Dog Bites Cloud  (Dirk Paesmans, Stephan Drescher)

We often put a name to shapes as fx for faces or animals within a heap of white cumulus clouds on the summer sky. Likewise clouds on the net are filled with our images that we once took. However, these digital clouds, which were constructed in a protocol space, have turned out to be less inviting for letting our imagination run freely. Their shapes seems to been carved out from an engineered bedrock already. Clouds in the net space return, normally as copies - concrete images and other forms of information onto our devices unaltered. But all forms we perceive on our displays as such, exists rather as fragments on the net,-as TCP/IP packages of bits or fx via a hashcode retrieved content chunks. Hence, the net, when used as a gallery space, will store its art objects actually in a state of debris. Our project will take place in such protocol realm in the form of two Nextcloud server installations that are featuring an IPFS CID* generator:  CID.DOG  and  DOGBITES.CLOUD

* The   smallest    content    unit    in    the    Interplanetary file     system.   (IPFS)        is        identified    with    a Content Id  (CID). The    CID  Identifiers     point    at    chunks of     FX. an         image             file.  These     CID    content          chunks        are    cached,         spread      over   all   devices that           once   had    requested    one       of those           chunks         of        an       image       or         video    stream. The    technology       has    many        similarities      with      blockchain,          merkletrees,       encryption      and    other     things.    During         the     project    period    the    communication    between       our       two    cloud/IPFS    installation will       produce       content.    We    will    explore    how    to    mine    chunks         of    a-CID              and    to         how these    can    emerge    into    new forms       and    landscapes.   It    will    constitute    a    hybrid    server/serverless    storage       and      application    construct, that    will be                   more       of a          kind             of               illustration       than          of        having     a    functional    value.   Just    a    strange    beast.

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