NOW: BigBlueButton for our Members within the Cloud!

When we launched our BBB server last year, we couldn't quite gauge how we would integrate the service into our toolbox in a sustainable way, how the server would pan out in terms of funding, and what our capacity constraints would be. As a result, this nifty web conferencing platform hasn't been quite as seamlessly integrated into our cloud as you're used to, and usage has been bumpy at times. However, a special grant from the city of Linz Kultur has enabled us to continue working on these initial hurdles and we can now excitedly announce:

If you're a member of, you can now use BBB directly in your cloud! Especially in these unpredictable times it is very important for us to share our tools with you and create low key access.

You can find an introduction in the book of servus here:
To use the app, go to the BigBlueButton app in your cloud:

If you are a servus member, you also have access to the cloud. If you haven't looked into it before, there's a super description of it in the book of servus: -- check it out and see what the servus cloud has to offer!

We hope our members will use this tool to have a more private and secure alternative to big tech products.

(You are not a servus member yet and want to use our toolbox? Please write to us and let's figure something out: