ARDC: Dave Young in Residence

Thursday, 26 November, 2015 - 19:00 to 20:00

Since June 2015 Artist Dave Young is our virtual resident in the frame of the project Artist Run Data Center. David Young investigates into the connections between the history of cartographic systems and disruptive geopolitics of drone warfare since 2012. He developed an experimental map that identifies the distributed networks of command and control behind a single US drone strike.

Kill lists, drone strikes, collateral damage, extra-judicial processes, and the blurred borderlines of sovereign states - together they hint at a kind of covert warfare governed as much by bureaucratic as technological protocols, often hidden from public view. What methodologies are most appropriate to unpacking these complex systems, and how can we expose the most important nodes in these networks of power to public critique?

 The informal Setup will give insights of Davis Youngs long term investigations as well as how he has been using the virtual residency at to develop a digital version of his project.