Bilder, Grafiken unter Public Domain & freien Lizenzen

Reusable Art has a collection of copyright free images chosen for crafters by a crafter. These free vintage drawings, paintings, and illustrations have been rescued from old print materials in the hopes that a new generation of artists and art lovers can enjoy them.

Due to obvious legal restrictions, we had to stay within the limits of the public domain. This explains why there won’t be on this site illustrations first published prior to the 18th century or later than the first quarter of the 20th century.

This site aims to provide inspiration, art history, references, and free materials for artists, bloggers, digital scrapbook designers, history buffs, video game developers, teachers,

Vector images provided via download on are bound to Creative Commons Deed CC0.

Hochauflösende Fotos unter einer Public Domain Lizenz sind hier zu finden: