Workshop "Schütze deine Daten" (exclusively for women*)

Monday, 21 October, 2019 - 17:00

Information is a fundamental part of activism. Whether we collect, process, share, or just cling to it, data can be lost or damaged and privacy can be violated. This introductory workshop is intended to show the most common ways in which handling data can endanger people and causes. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of data protection measures and to familiarise participants with data protection techniques and instruments.

Course contents & goals

- Understand the potential risks that you may face with regard to the security of your data:
    ◦ Data leakage / Data breach
    ◦ Data loss
    ◦ Data theft
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- Understand basic techniques for preventing data loss, corruption, surveillance and theft.
- Understand the existence, objectives and limitations of key data protection techniques (anonymization, encryption, backups).
- Basic functioning of encryption. How far does protection through encryption extend?
- Create a framework for thinking about the main aspects of working with data (collecting, processing, transporting, storing, maintaining).
- Explain important terminology about risks and strategies when working with data (data, metadata, sensitive or confidential information, strategic information, personally identifiable information, adversaries, digital attacks).
- Protect your data with strong passwords


Recommended previous knowledge

No previous knowledge is required.


Venue Clubroom - 1st Floor
City workshop
Kirchengasse 4
4040 Linz

The Stadtwerkstatt building is barrier-free. A wheelchair-accessible WC is available on the ground floor.

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How to find us

Tram lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 - stop Rudolfstraße

By bike:
course duration

3 hours
participation fee members pay a reduced participation fee of 15 EUR (Become a member now). For non-members the fee is 35 EUR (for exceptional financial situations we will certainly find a solution).
Number of participants

maximum 12 persons

workshop leader

Sabina Köfler

Various snacks and drinks
Login and registration

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This workshop will be implemented with the financial support of the Women's Office Linz and Linz Culture & Education.

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