8M in the STWST + Counter Cloud Clinic

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023 - 19:00
Slogans gleaned, borrowed and iterated from various sources and situations

In the context of the International Trans★Feminist Digital Depletion Strike: https://core.servus.at/8m/

servus joins the Program of the International Women’s day in Linz:
16:30: Meeting point Musiktheater / Volksgarten Linz >>> Route via Landstrasse >>>
17:00-18:00: Final rally Hauptplatz Linz
-> https://fiftitu.at/kooperation/demonstration-zum-frauenkampftag-am-8-mae...

The day continues in the STWST with the "feministisch wilde Wochen in der STWST" ++ Feminist*innen lesen Feminist*innen https://newcontext.stwst.at/international_women_s_day

After 19:00 we'll also offer our Counter Cloud Clinic in the clubraum.
We’ll offer you support in re-structuring the digital extensions of you and your organization and liberate them from the Big Tech Cloud!