12th October: Counter Cloud Action Day + Anti-Colonial Computing: A round-table discussion at BestOff 2023

Thursday, 12 October, 2023 - 00:00
Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 - 00:00
12th October - another Trans*Feminst Counter Cloud Action Day!

servus.at is part of a network of initiatives behind the Trans*Feminist Counter Cloud Action

After the call for Digital Depletion Strike on 8th March 2023, servus.at unites once again with Trans*Feminist Counter Cloud Action and hosts the collective statement about 12th October. That day marks the trans-oceanic invasion of Abya Yala (aka the Americas) and is nowadays actively celebrated by many as "Columbus Day" or "day of Hispanity" (sic). Activists have reclaimed the day to remember the atrocities of colonialism and to celebrate Indigenous and anti-colonial resistance instead: "nada que celebrar" (nothing to celebrate)! Communities and individuals involved in Counter Cloud Action (re)join ongoing struggles against genocidal, ecocidal and epistemicidal forms of oppression, extraction, erasure and depletion. More Information can be found of the collective statement 12o. The English version is hosted by servus.at.

¡On the occasion of activities about 12o, servus.at organized the Counter Cloud Stammtisch, a discussion about Anti-Colonial Computing. The event was part of the BestOFF program and it took place on 18th of Octobe 2023. Additionally, throughout the duration of the exhibition, as well during the Counter Cloud Stammtisch, we printed and distributed for free the Trans*Feminist Counter Cloud Action FAQ -12o special edition.