Cooperation: Exhibition „Recalculating. Computing territories and their analog actuators“

Sujet exhibition "Recalculating"

12. January – 9. February 2020
Locations: belo189, Biblioteca Statale Isontina. Parco Basaglia / Gorizia, Italy

The third edition of the project "Mind the Gap", entitled "Recalculating. Computing territories and their analog actuators", is part of a project of contemporary art, conceived in collaboration with Parco Basaglia, in Gorizia. The show, curated by program developer Davide Bevilacqua, it consists of a collective exhibition on the topics of technological infrastructures, of people’s relationship with technology, of the virtual representation of physical landscapes and of ideal models of cities of the future: all these topics are investigated and deconstructed through the works of artists from the community; Sofia Braga, Emilio Vavarella and KairUs, collective of the artists Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle. was a partner of the event both logistically (through the cloud infrastructure provided) and in terms of the thematic content of the show, which was rehashed in both AMRO Research Lab 2019 and AMRO Festival 2018. The featured artists and curator are members of the community and have participated in the 2018 and 2019 programmes.