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8-11th May 2024

Festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture

AMRO, Art Meets Radical Openness, is a biennial festival for art, hacktivism and open cultures, organized since 2008 by in cooperation with the Linz University of Art, Department of Time-Based Media.

The next edition will take place in Linz, AT, from 8th-11th May 2024.


We are all confronted with digital technology on a daily basis. Many people are aware that the use of computers and smartphones in the age of complete networking requires critical behaviour. Nevertheless, many people often lack the means to act and/or detailed technical knowledge about the stumbling blocks that technology entails.
The teaching of technical skills through workshops always takes place in the context of socio-political issues.


Wir alle sind täglich mit digitaler Technik konfrontiert. Vielen ist klar, dass der Umgang mit Computern und Smartphones im Zeitalter des kompletten Vernetztseins kritisches Verhalten erfordert. Trotzdem fehlen vielen Menschen oft Handlungsmöglichkeiten und/oder technisches Detailwissen zu den Stolpersteinen, die der Technikeinsatz mit sich bringt.
Die Vermittlung technischer Fähigkeiten durch Workshops erfolgt dabei immer im Kontext gesellschaftspolitischer Fragestellungen.

Image from "Economy, Knowledge and Surveillance in the Age of the Cryptocene", by Cesar Escudero Andaluz and Martin Nadal

Experimenting in Alternative Economies and Digital Currencies

In 2019 will concentrate on alternative economic models and the digitization of currencies. These topics will be discussed in a series of lectures and workshops with artists, writers and theorists who are trying to propose valid alternatives to the current system.

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