Workshop: "Security for Artists" with Heath Bunting

Dienstag, 1 April, 2014 - 00:00

"Security for Artists", Heath Bunting

the workshop will develop security strategies for artists to
guard against anticipated occupational risks each participant will be
expected to present a risk scenario and possible security solution

I will be offering some personal examples of past and future threats and
also some responsive techniques of guarding eg: intimacy based
communications encryption

13:00 Introduction

14:00 - Indoor: exchanging experiances & knowhow around digital

Practical Tactics: topics such as anonymous browsing and encryption
15:00 - translate security into street level activities /outdoor
open end.

about heath bunting:

Whether Bunting is climbing trees, skateboarding, canoeing or
working with technology he approaches it all with the same critical
attention. He hacks around systems, physical or digital. Right from
when he built his first computer at the age of 14, his life has been
an experimental research project. His practice consists of a dry
sense of humour and an edgy, minimal-raw aesthetic, mixed with a
hyper-awareness of his own artistic persona and agency in the world,
whilst engaging with complex political systems, institutions and
social contexts.