Workshop: sound devices and machine composition with Staalplaat

Montag, 4 Mai, 2009 - 00:00 to Donnerstag, 7 Mai, 2009 - 00:00

Time's Up and are holding a workshop focused on working practice in cooperation with the well-known label Staalplaat The workshop is addressed to all autodidactic amateurs and composers from around the area. This workshop offers the unique opportunity to work together with Geert-Jan Hobijn and Carlo Crovato for three days on creating a sound composition from different equipment, then celebrate its world premiere in the harbour of Linz. The workshop starts out with a lecture by both artists, introducing an exceptional approach to interact with sound and composition. The exploration, discovery and hearing of sound as well as the joy to go beyond the understanding of current music and composition ideas are the motivations for attending this workshop. Please bring: 2 disused every day devices (mixer, vacuum cleaner, electric tooth brush or other seemingly useless electronic devices, or also old computers) Different tools: screwdrivers (different sizes), wire cutters, hot glue gun,
metal saw, etc.