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The servus community consists of a number of art and culture producers, alternative educational institutions, free media, university institutions and NGOs. Many of them are based in Linz & in Upper Austria, where servus operates as a proper cultural backbone for the regional art and culture scene.

 Many slogans, gif animations etc.      Slogans gleaned, borrowed and iterated from various sources and situations: Lumbung Glossary, Batool Desouky, TITiPI, Other Weapons, Cristina Cochior, Varia, Miranda Mos is part of the network of initiatives that call for the International Trans ★ Feminist Digital Depletion Strike. The initiatives is launched by The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI) and supported by many who call for attentions on the dynamics of dependency and exploitation in the cloud. The network takes a position to support the Trans ★ Feminist struggles and contextualises in it the need to change the current commercial cloud, into a feminist, anti-racist and anti capitalist shape.

International Trans★Feminist Digital Depletion Strike:


Our Body Our Data image

The "Our Bodies, Our Data: a real/virtual event" took place on October 21st, 2021 online. The Live Video Stream was recorded and can be viewed @ this website


Migration, Media, Governance: Advanced Practices (10 & 11 June, 2020)
This event is organized by Adnan Hadzi (Department of Digital Arts Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences University of Malta) supports the virtual summer school through an independent server infrastructure (Big Blue Button, and other resources, such as collaborative writing tools and cloud hosting)

2013 supportet the project "Delivery for Mr. Rajab" by !Mediengruppe Bitnik with resources. «Delivery for Mr. Rajab» is the continuation of «Delivery for Mr. Assange». In January 2013, !Mediengruppe Bitnik sent Wikileaks-founder Julian Assange a parcel containing a hidden camera. After 32 hours and a tantalizing and intense journey, sharing over 9000 images of postal bags, vans and delivery centres, the camera arrived and Julian Assange performed for the several thousand people watching.


The /etc2007 took place in Linz, Austria from 11 – 14 July 2007, made possible through an alliance between: Aileen Derieg,, the Linz art server MAIZ, an autonomous organization of and for migrant women in Upper Austria Stadtwerkstatt an independent cultural association. A total of over sixty women came together from literally all over the world to share skills and knowledge, take things apart and put things together, and enjoy music, conversations and one another's company.

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