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gimp (ähnlich wie Photoshop)
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inkscape (so ähnlich wie Freehand oder Corel Draw)
scribus (ähnlich wie Quarkxpress oder Pagemaker)

openoffice (ähnlich dem MS-Office Paket)
abiword (Textverarbeitungsprogramm)
gnumeric (Tabellenkalkulationsprogramm)

ClaudiusMaximus - NoIn EP [GOSUB10-002]


No-input mixer digitally controlled, self-connected time-varying system. An artificial aesthetic sense characterizes sonic parameters within a large space of possibilities. The absolute control of digital music is surrendered. Computerized "conductor" vs analogue orchestra.

Process: thicken a limited palette of tones (some minimal, some harsh, with little in between), using delays and pitch effects, reverberation and rhythmic distortions, quietly layering.


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